5 Watt mcHF SDR transceiver and Windcamp Dipole antenna.


First some photos, then qso videos.

McHF HF Transceiver board
McHF HF Transceiver from left.
McHF HF Transceiver from right.


Windcamp Dipole antenna. 1:1 balun and wire.


RESULTS (from region 1 in Turkey)

Bulgaria (650 km), region 4 in Turkey (400 km) and Israel (850 km):

Italy (1700 km) and Netherlands (2000 km):

Germany (1900 km) and Belgium (2100 km).

Denmark (2100 km) and Belgium (2100 km).

Ufa, Russia (1900 km), Belgium (2100 km), France ( 2300 km) and Barcelona, Spain (2800 km).


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