Highly simplifed explanation of Unimog models

The Unimog's characteristic design elements:

things never change

  • Rear-wheel-drive with switchable all-wheel-drive and differential locks
  • Splitter gearbox
  • Torque tubes
  • Portal axles
  • Coil springs with hydraulic shock absorbers



  • Edgy or round
  • Cabrio or closed
  • Single or DoKa


  • Plane or downbent
  • Short, medium or long


  • Diesel (exc 404) or gasoline (404 only)
  • Naturally aspirated, turbocharger or turbocharger and intercooler


  • With or without crawler


  • Mechanic, hydraulic, pneumatic

Some sample photos:


Unimog 416.115


416.115 on chart


Unimog 406 cabrio and closed cab. Copyright © Daimler AG


Unimog 406 and 416. Copyright © Daimler AG


Unimog 406 cabrio and 416 DoKa. Copyright © Daimler AG


Unimog 427 U1600 and Unimog 424 U1250. Copyright © Daimler AG


Unimog frames: 406's downbent chassis vs 411's plane chassis.


Mercedes-Benz diesel OM352 and otto M180

Read more about all of the Unimog series, model variants and sales designations, click the link below.

Unimog Series & Models Database

There are multiple tables, and page load takes time on mobile phones, please be patient. Desktop recommended.



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