Oils - Operating Fluids for Unimog

SAE viscosity grades
Engine Oil
Gear Oil
Break Fluid

The Mercedes-Benz Specifications for Operating Fluids (MB BeVo) was a platform for publishing Mercedes-Benz tested and approved operating fluids for your vehicles and major assemblies.

Due to the spin-off from Daimler Truck AG and the renaming of Daimler AG in Mercedes-Benz Group AG, they have decided to no longer develop the BeVo website. On 05/31/2022, the link for the BeVo website shut down. 

It was difficult to find some web pages, so I created this page and lists with easy navigation lists (shown above) for myself. I guarantee you won't get lost between links. :))

I made selections from the following lists to use in my Unimog 416 (U1100) / OM940 engine:


Engine oil from Sheet No: 228.3 It is mineral based. 15W-40 type. If I wanted to choose synthetic oil, I would go to Sheet No: 228.5.


Gearbox oil from Sheet No: 235.1 80W type. 

Diffs & Portals

Last time, I was choosed the oil for differentials and portals from Sheet No: 235.0. It was 85W-90. That list shown as "can be used" by MB on Sheet No: 231.3.

Now, I select the oil from Sheet No: 235.8 for diffs & portal hubs. It is 75W-90. That list shown as "should be used" by MB on Sheet No: 231.3


ATF type. Not from MB approved lists.


Dot 4 type. Not from MB approved lists.


Approval by Mercedes-Benz is clearly marked on the product packaging: e.g.: "MB-Approval 228.3"


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